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Tired of cross-over between users both updating the same panel? With the Redux Panel LockoutĀ feature, you’ll never experience that again! We’re going to ensure this works perfectly on the customizer as well as panels. We’ll begin development the moment we have enough donations.

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This serves as simply a donation location. For all those who have previously donated to Redux, we thank you. For those who wish to donate to Redux, we thank you! The more the community contributes, the more we canĀ focus on Redux.

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If you’ve not yet heard, has mandated there be NO settings API based option panels of any kind for themes hosted on Existing themes still using option panels will be required to remove said panels and add customizer ONLY options before updating. New themes must adhere to this new guideline, or be rejected. The theme review team has essentially stopped theme devs from using most option frameworks. Fear not, we have a solution. We are enhancing Redux to work fully in the Customizer!

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